Tuesday, 1 October 2013

M16A1 Airsoft Rifle review and discount

M16A1 Airsoft Rifle

M16A1 Airsoft Rifle description

This airsoft rifle is great for the beginner. Very close in form and function to the real steel M-16A1, this inexpensive airsoft rifle will provide hours of enjoyment. With this M-16A1 replica, the admiration continues in the sports realm of AirSoft. Comes complete with safety goggles and rifle strap.
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M16A1 Airsoft Rifle features

  • Full-scale replica of M-16A1 rifle compatible with 6mm BBs
  • Looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real rifle, but safer
  • Velocity of approximately 290 fps (0.12g BBs) or 240 fps (0.2g BBs)
  • Effective range of 130 feet; maximum range of 160 feet
  • 11-1/2-inch barrel; comes with 1,000 BBs, safety goggles, and strap

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